Cool Blast

It's easy to get a little too carried away in the heat of a game

Project Summary

We’d created an overview video for Schneider Electric’s Wiser Air product in past, so it was a joy to be allowed to dig deeper into the device and show off some of it’s more intelligent features. This is the first of two videos we created for them to share across all their social channels. In addition to the videos, we created a series of illustrations—also for social.

Narrative Goals

When we first started talking through this project, it was a blank slate. There was no brief, no concepts, just a couple features that needed explained in a fun way. We presented a couple ideas, with our favorite being what you see above—a slightly exaggerated and comedic situation in which the feature would be used.

From there we developed the narrative of a younger man getting a little more consumed by his video game than he expected. So absorbed that he breaks out into a sweat, thus needing a ‘cool blast’ from the Wiser Air device.

When building out narratives, we try to always apply a story structure called the ‘hero’s journey.’ It’s a template often used in feature films, but we love the application that’s possible in short-form content. It basically goes like this: individual living ordinary life, encounters conflict, must find a way to overcome the conflict, overcomes and returns to normal life.

Another factor we always consider when building out ideas is how we can connect with human emotions. There’s an arc to the emotions too. We started with nostalgia—asteroids—moved on anxiousness—the growing tension of the game—then ended with happiness—winning the game.

It’s through a combination of the narrative structure and the interaction with human emotions that led us to what you see in the video.


We wanted to create an immersive environment that maintained the very illustrative feel of the first video we created for Wiser. To do this, we used similar character assets and colors as the original video, but built out the environment using 3D tools and then shading them to look like illustrated elements.

The process was challenging to figure out, but once implemented provided us with extreme flexibility in shot framing and camera movement. It also makes creating really unique environment lighting effects much easier.


Schneider Electric / Wiser Air


IV Studio

Exec. Producer

Samuel Cowden

Creative Director

Zac Dixon


Zac Dixon


Zac Dixon, Allen Laseter

3D Designer

Zac Dixon

Sound Design

Niko Xidas