Introducing industry 4.0.

When we think of the “industrial revolution,” pictures of large factories molding steel come to mind. However, in reality, modern history has recorded four industrial revolutions—with the fourth happening right now.

Deufol, a global services provider for packaging and related services, wanted to introduce their approach to the new industrial revolution with a 60-second explainer video. We collaborated with executives in the United States and Germany to craft a script that touched on the history of industry and the emerging technologies that push it forward.

When it came to the visual approach, we decided to leverage Deufol’s beautiful red accent color to emphasize important elements in an otherwise greyscale environment. The result is a video that’s half history lesson, half explainer video—leaving the audience entertained and informed.




IV Studio

Exec. Producer

Samuel Cowden

Creative Director

Zac Dixon


Allen Laseter


Allen Laseter

Sound Design

Niko Xidas