Urgent Care

For when things don't go perfectly.

Project Summary

LifePoint’s marketing team asked us to develop a general awareness campaign for their network of urgent care clinics. Since there was no direct action being requested of the user, were we able to approach in some really fun ways through the ‘emergency’ campaign.

Our first goal was to quickly grab the audience’s attention in a way that was relatable and entertaining through spots that were slightly absurd, but still relatable to why people might need to seek medical attention.

The second goal was to give people an ‘anchor’ visual that would subconsciously remind them of the ad when they find themselves or someone they know in need of non-critical medical attention. We did this through recreating the exact scenario a person will experience when looking for urgent care—pulling out their phone and searching.


LifePoint Health

Executive Producer

Samuel Cowden

Executive CD

Zac Dixon


Taylor Blair


Rebekah Hamilton


Leo Campasso, Michael Cribbs, Taylor Blair


Esther Lalanne


Taylor Blair


Jeff Moberg

Sound Design

Jeff Moberg