Netflix: K is for Kids

An absurd title sequence for a puppet film.

Netflix asked us to make a title sequence for an internal content advisory puppet film. When the words title sequence and puppet film are in the sentence, there's no way we were saying no. We were told me make it a bit irreverent and absurd with a dash of crazy.

We were provided with pre-shot puppet footage that needed incorporated throughout the sequence and then given mostly free reign to create whatever we wanted.

Read more about our process in this detailed behind the scenes look at the project.




IV Studio

Exec. Producer

Samuel Cowden

Creative Directors

Zac Dixon, Samuel Cowden


Zac Dixon, Taylor Blair, Nayt Cochran, Maxwell Anderson


Zac Dixon, Taylor Blair, Nayt Cochran, Michael Cribbs

3D Designers

Maxwell Anderson, Taylor Blair


Zac Dixon, Taylor Blair, Maxwell Anderson


Blake Henderson (Clumsy Congregation

Sound Design

Blake Henderson (Clumsy Congregation

Netflix Producer

Andrew House