North Carolina's Energy Future

Developing advocates for a cleaner energy future.

As Duke Energy rolled out it's plan for the future of North Carolina's energy production, Sierra Club asked us to create a film that showed the residents or NC that there was another option. An option that would improve their health and be more financially and ecologically responsible.

The final video exists as single complete video and two cut-downs that focus on different areas of the plan. We chose to take advantage of the beauty of North Carolina in reminding people just what was at stake in their decisions.


Sierra Club


IV Studio

Exec. Producers

Samuel Cowden, Adrienne Bramhall

Creative Director

Zac Dixon


Zac Dixon, Taylor Blair, Nayt Cochran, Michael Cribbs, Maxwell Anderson, Damien Grant


Michael Cribbs, Taylor Blair


Zac Dixon

Sound Design

IV Studio