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Project Summary

LifePoint started like most projects—we sat down at a conference table and stared directly into each other’s eyes until our telepathic links engaged. Once we were on the same wavelength, we got down to business learning about the problem they were trying to solve. Andy at LifePoint explained that they wanted to develop a video campaign that would drive individuals to see primary care physicians with regularity. LifePoint is no slouch when it comes to marketing research and they already knew the primary motivation for people regularly visiting a doctor, which was the effect unexpected sickness or death would have on their loved ones. After reviewing a lot more research, we disengaged out telepathy and set about concocting the perfect creative cocktail from all the ingredients Andy has shared. The result was the‘Whatif...’ campaign.

In the end, we developed concepts, wrote scripts, and delivered four videos for the campaign. A :30, :15, and two :06 ads that would be used across digital and social advertising platforms. The videos would funnel users to a landing page that would help them connect with a local physician. Who says advertising never saved any lives?

We also converted the videos into vertical formats for Instagram stories and repurposed the content into PNG and GIF formats for banner ads.


LifePoint Health

Executive Creative Director

Zac Dixon

Executive Producer

Samuel Cowden

Creative Director

Taylor Blair


Leo Campasso, Michael Cribbs, Taylor Blair


Esther Lalanne, Taylor Blair


Taylor Blair


Jeff Moberg

Sound Design

Jeff Moberg