Career in a Year

Opening a world of possibilities.

Project Summary

From the moment Virginia reached out about making ads to promote their ‘Career in a Year’ campaign to the time we delivered these videos was less than one month. It meant we had to have meetings, understand their communication goals, develop concepts, write scripts, rewrite scripts, and then actually make the videos in a mere four weeks. This was not enough time. But, you see, that was a problem, because we LOVED the potential of this project—so we ignored our rationality, embraced irresponsibility, and said yes.

Well, thanks to some killer producing (thanks Rebekah) and some crafty creative direction (thanks Zac), it all came together. Our concept revolved around a script full of double-meanings. Financial security and a career in security. A new beginning for your life and a new beginning for children in early childhood education. And just like every career is different, the art styles that portrayed them all would be different too. As some old TV dude liked to say, ‘we love it when a plan comes together.’

In addition to the :30 and :15 second widescreen versions of the videos, we expanded the campaign into eight short vertical Instagram story ads.


Tennessee Board of Regents


IV Studio

Exec. Producer

Samuel Cowden

Creative Director

Zac Dixon


Rebekah Hamilton


Taylor Blair, Maxwell Anderson, Stephen Van Wyk, Allen Laseter, Zac Dixon, Nayt Cochran


Taylor Blair, Michael Cribbs, Allen Laseter, Sarah Beth Morgan, Esther Lalanne

3D Designers

Maxwell Anderson

Sound Design

Jeff Moberg