A years-long partnership spanning formats, styles, and goals

B2B, B2C, 3D, 2D, advertisement, explainer. While different in many ways, our work with teams across Logitech all share one common trait—deep collaboration.

Finding commonality with our clients

Whenever we take on a client, we love to look for commonality. Do we believe what they believe? Can we convince someone they should believe it too?

These are the first, and easiest things to ask when looking for shared ground. With Logitech, the answer was a clear and resounding “YES”.

As an animation studio we’ve got a few gear heads, and I’m sure it goes without saying, we want to use tech we can trust! We were no strangers to Logitech. And then came an almost perfectly tailored spin, 2020 and the BOOM of the hybrid workforce.

As a primarily remote team we’ve been operating with a 197 million mile open floor plan office for years!

(did you know the Earth was that big? We had to look it up.)

Over the years we’ve worked with Logitech to create both original content, and brand accurate content to blend seamlessly with existing marketing… and each project has been a grand success both for Logi, and our team.

Our history with Tech companies, as well as entertainment brands, spoke to our ability to craft a strong story that could hold focus and condense massive concepts into bite size spots that feel just as much at home in the board room as they do on an instagram feed.

With each project we looked to continue answering our core questions, and this one became our guiding light for Logitech.

How can we tell this story that we not only believe, but see the rich depth of value in? And how can we keep it fresh?

In some spots that looked like lush 3D scapes with rollercoaster-like movement showing off the beauty of the products in their natural habitat, a hybrid office!

When we revisited the 3D office we asked ourselves again, and the answer evolved to include almost cartoony hands into this photo real world where the hybrid workforce came to life through expressive gestures and mobile devices!

They loved the 3D approach so much that we continued to revisit it over many projects (who stops a good thing?) We warped through monitors and webcams, collapsing screens together to simulate this new, ever expanding and yet infinitely connected, world wide workforce!

For both stylistic diversity and budgetary reasons, our projects with Logitech also began exploring the realm of 2D animation.

In the 2D space we looked for ways to keep our visual stories as compelling as the scripts we paired with them. Whether it was a tangled up cable snake impeding on an intrepid sales person’s desk, a disruptive jackhammer pounding the peace of a product call or even the literal elephant in the board room; Logitech was always there with a solution!

We found so many ways to create characters and environments with enough familiarity to the explainer videos that so many have grown accustomed to, while pushing them into these unique spaces that allow us to show off Logi’s unique solutions with a sense of levity, and adventure!

Through all of these projects our directors and artists were able to craft effective and memorable campaigns. And while we’d like to pretend that that was purely based on our talent alone, we have to give credit where it’s due. And this is why it’s so important to us to ask ourselves…

…Do we believe what they believe? Can we convince someone they should believe it too?

In the case of Logitech, we believe our work speaks for itself! We’re always looking to partner with more brands who share our outlook, and ways we can help to tell their story.

If you feel like we might be a good fit, we’d love to talk more.

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