Turning window-shoppers in qualified leads with a product explainer and lottie animations

A colorful brand helping keep digital systems safe.

Bringing the Real World and Code World Together for Snyk's Product Platform

Snyk approached us to create a video that would communicate the value of their product platform to potential customers. They wanted a unique and memorable video that would set them apart from their competitors.

To achieve this, we decided to combine real-life photos with illustration in a style that we called photobashed illustration. This style was characterized by its use of bold gradients and a fusion of real-life imagery with illustration. The result was a visually stunning and eye-catching video that truly stood out.

The video was divided into two parts β€” the first was set in the real world, where we see an illustrated developer at her desk working on code. The second part was set in the "code-world," where we created highly conceptual visuals that metaphorically represented what Snyk's product platform actually does.

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Reaching the design-inclined decision makers with Logitech

A brand awareness campaign designed to attract the type of CEO and CTOΒ who care as much about how their technology looks as how it works.

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