The future of video is modular 🧩

Improve outcomes, save money, extend asset life, and crush your metrics.

Spend 💰 smarter

Create dozens, hundreds, even thousands of video iterations for the cost of a single premium video project.

Your best-performing videos are waiting to be discovered

A/B test video iterations to find what resonates and optimize for maximum engagement and ROAS.



Literally create 1000s of videos featuring fully custom world-class animation for the cost of a single video project.

Extended asset life

Eliminate creative fatigue by regularly creating new versions of videos that re-engage your audiences.

Future proofed

Products evolve over time. Your marketing assets should too.

We were frustrated

In just three years, our team built a $5,000,000/year DTC board game business. But every time we created video ads, we were frustrated that we couldn't A/B test them in the same way we tested all our other assets. So we fixed the problem.

A new way of thinking 🤔

Nothing is static. Everything can be improved.

Customizable Text

Subject to character limits, any text can be updated easily. Test new hooks and CTAs nearly as fast as you can think of them.

Interchangeable Sections

Every section is interchangeable. Try to CTA up front, or dive right into the value prop. Everything's on the table.

Seamless Transitions

Sections blend together seamlessly creating a cohesive and polished video asset that no one would ever guess is modular.

One project.
Infinite possibilities.

For the cost of a single custom animation project, you can equip your team with the ability to create any many combinations of sections and text as time allows.

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Organization-wide impact

Give everyone in your organization the ability to create custom videos.

Easy to use

Modular animation systems are designed to be easily customized with an extremely small learning curve, allowing for implementation across even the largest businesses.

Self-service or managed

Create new iterations yourself or setup a monthly service fee and have us do it for you.

Eliminate uncertainty

Stop asking the question 'is it going to be worth it?' MAS gives you peace-of-mind to know that you can iterate until you find the most effective version of your videos.

We're not just another vendor

We love collaboration, but that's not what we're talkin' about here. We're talkin' about get your hands dirty experience. We make and market our own products using the exact same methods that we're helping our clients bring to life. Our real-world experience comes with the ability to advise you in ways other studio's simply can't.

Ready to go modular?

Join us in redefining the future of video in marketing. Dive into the world of MAS and experience unparalleled flexibility and engagement.

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